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October 15, 2009


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Yahoo! I have to admit to my secret! I started Outlander about three weeks ago and now I am upstoppable. I am really loving the romantic adventures and so much more. Thanks for sharing this and getting me to admit my little secret! -Elizabeth Joy Mueller

I love how worn and thoroughly well-read your stack of books look - cause you've lent them to all your friends who have also fallen in love with Jamie Fraser. THANK YOU for the introduction to the author and the series!

Love this post. I am almost halfway through Echo. I might stop and tr to savour it.. Kim

SO TRUE on all counts. She's a genius. And not only have I re-read them 3 or 4 times each, but the Outlander series inspired me to write my own novels. I missed the gang so much I had to create my own.

Other bonuses to the series:
1) Every time you re-read the books, there's more. I have also been listening to the UNABRIDGED versions while I do my errands and feel myself sinking into 18th century muck while I do. LOVE IT

2) guaranteed your sex life will pick up after/during reading Outlander. Seriously. :) My hubby was all "so ... maybe you should go read? Get inspired some more?"

3) We Outlander obsessives are a fun bunch, and once you go onto Diana's page and search out the links, there are some fascinating things to visit online.

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