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July 25, 2009


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This also reminds me of the chant, variously attributed to the Navajo and Lakota tribes, "Walk in Beauty".

Beauty is before me and Beauty behind me.
Above me and below me hovers the beautiful.
I am surrounded by it, I am immersed in it.
In my youth I am aware of it, and, in old age,
I shall walk quietly the beautiful trail.
In beauty, it is begun,
In beauty, it is ended.

I, too loved this movie as you know. And beauty in it's wider meaning which you beautifully articulated here is so undervalued. Beauty is spoken of in our culture in very narrow terms. Thank you for bringing these ideas to the fore. Love your blog!

dana joy

Hi Katy, Enjoyed you website, was forwarded on to me via Aunt Evelyn, Scotland.She keeps me upto date with all your news. Be nice to hear from you and how you are doing? Hope you remember who I am?(Wendy - Aunt Evelyns niece)

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