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May 28, 2009


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I love the new look of the blog!

And I love the last comments here - I think in the end- it is up to the individual. Politicians and leaders - come and go - and our systems require too much compromise and deal-making to allow them to determine our future or truly set a moral standard.

It's the easiest thing in the world to blame our leaders (and I do it ALL THE TIME!) and the hardest thing in the world to do the last six things you mentioned. Turn that perspective INWARD. I think of myself as a good person but when I'm in the midst of a difficult relationship -whether it's family, work, romance, or friends it is so hard to think only loving thoughts!

I think it was Tolstoy or some other Russian genius who said the world will not know peace until families can know peace. Simple but profound.

Thanks as always for making me THINK - the best thing about any blog and certainly the case EVERY time I read yours!

When I moved my blog postings into TypePad, I didn't bring the comments. But I want to include this comment here, from Fierce Light director Velcrow Ripper, because I appreciate him taking the time to respond so thoughtfully to my post and some of the questions I raised.

Velcrow Ripper

Thanks for the excellent review of my film, Katy.

Fierce Light tries to do a lot of things, but most importantly of all, it offers, to many viewers, a direct, visceral experience of soul force, or fierce light. It is aimed at the heart as much as the head.

As for the need to prove that a shift is happening, and the magnitude of it, Paul Hawkens has done the research, and an extended interview with him will appear on the DVD extras. His results are indeed encouraging.

However, a film like this is intended to be both a reflection of an emergent zeitgeist, and a catalyst for it to actually happen So whether it is truly extensive or not, if it is something we wish to see happen in the world, then jump on-board and help this "immune response" build steam. Become this change.

We're in the second week of a very successful theatrical run in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, something of a miracle given that most of the screens are dominated by Hollywood fare! I hope people come out to see the film on the big screen, and tell their friends. Help keep Fierce Light expanding!

Check out the website and the trailer at http://www.fiercelight.org
There are resources there, and more coming, to answer your questions, and suggestions of how to get involved.

Thanks for taking the time to really digest Fierce Light!

Thursday, May 21, 2009 - 01:09 AM

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